Gary Gnu

Gary is no ordinary Gnu. First of all he’s green and he has his own TV studio. Gary can’t stand gnews and at the end of his no-gnewscast, he always reminds his views to always remember “No Gnews is Good Gnews with Gary Gnu”

Gary is a “no-gnews” caster and that means he takes a hard look at the silly side of life. He reports on some no-gnews making event every day. One day it’s an ice skater and another day it’s a polar bear.

Gary’s crew also gives him a hard time. They just don’t show him much respect. Whenever Gary tells them to shape up, they purposely misunderstand him and will throw grapes at him. Gary yells and screams “I didn’t say grape up, I said shape up” at them. They love to drive him crazy and it isn’t to long before they do it again. If Gary falls for one of their practical jokes, they drop a paper turkey with a picture of Gary’s face on it down from the ceiling and shout “You Turkey, Gary.”