Emily Bindiger

The youngest of two, grew up in Brooklyn, NY, in a very musical household, where all of her immediate family could either sing or play a musical instrument. Emily from an early age wanted to be apart of the entertainment industry. Her first professional job came at the age 14, when she was an extra in Milos Formans first American film “Taking Off.” She would spend the next two years acting and singing in a variety of roles until she got her “big break.” Emily’s big break came when she received a phone call from an agent she knew who asked “if she still looked like a sixteen old,” Emily said yes and the agent went on to tell her about a new children’s show called “The Great Space Coaster” and the female lead “Francine.”

The Great Space Coaster ran for five years. Ultimately ending when the producers felt it was time to move on and try new things. Most of the cast felt the same, after five years it was time to move on. Emily looks back at the show as “a great experience,” where she met some of her best friends.

Emily has continued to work in the entertainment industry, with most of her work now in the studio singing for commercials, TV and film scores. She is also a member of the Capella group “The Accidentals” who have released two Cd’s “The Accidentals Mostly A Capella” & “An Accidental Christmas” and a third Cd is currently being worked on. Emily has also work with a number of distinguished musical acts such as Leonard Cohen, Oscar Brand, Buster Poindexter and is currently touring with Neil Sedaka. Emily lives in Greenwich Village and has kept in touch with some of the cast and crew from the show, most notably Chris Gifford who played “Danny” and Ray Stephens who played “Roy.” (Sadly Ray passed away several years ago) Emily looks back at her work on “The Great Space Coaster” as “a great experience” and is proud of the work she did on the show.

Now here are Emily’s thoughts and comments on the cast of “The Great Space Coaster”

Chris Gifford – Fun guy!

Ray Stephens – Miss him.

Kevin Clash – Talented, and very sweet.

Goriddle – Funny puppet

Francis Kane – He’s a very talented guy.

Baxter – Couldn’t all fit in the Coaster with him!

John Lovelady – A real gentleman.

Edison – A gentle elephant.

Knock Knock -Fussy.

Jim Martin – Talented puppeteer.

Gary Gnu – Ahead of his time!

M.T. Promises – We didn’t like him much.

Francine – She was perfect!