Ray Favata

If you don’t know who Ray Favata is, you are very familiar with his work on the Great Space Coaster. Ray Favata and his animation company Ray Favata Productions were responsible for the opening animated sequence for the Great Space Coaster and the animated opening sequence for the Huggles.

Ray Favata, was a leading figure in animation from the 1950’s through the 1990’s. Although he never received the mainstream notoriety of some animators, he won a number of awards, including an Emmy for the opening animated sequence of The Great Space Coaster.

Ray’s artistic influence is still present to this day as a new generation of animation pay tribute to the artist and his work.

Over the last few years, a friend of the TheGreatSpaceCoaster.Tv has been working on a documentary about the life and career of Ray Favata. The documentary has been released on Youtube and chapter 24 talks about The Great Space Coaster.

Concept & Pencil Drawings of Baffle, Big Jock Ox, Gary Gnu and Goriddle, Edison and The Huggles.