Frequently Asked Questions

1) What was the name of that cartoon character that was just one big line, Roy would show him on his little pocket TV?

  • The Characters name is La Linea created by Osvaldo Cavandoli.

2) Do you know where I can get DVD copies of any La Linea cartoons?

  • Currently you can order a DVD of La Linea from

3) Do you know where I can get VHS/DVD copies of any of The Great Space Coaster Shows?

  • Sunbow only released one VHS/Video Disc video called “The Great Space Coaster Super Show” staring Mark Hamill and Valerie Harper. It has been out of print since the mid 1980’s and E-bay is your best bet to get a used VHS copy of the SuperShow.

4) Can/Will you make a copy of the show’s you have in your collection.

  • NO

5) Who currently owns the rights to The Great Space Coaster?

  • Tanslin Media has acquired the rights to The Great Space Coaster from TV Loonland. Tanslin Media now owns all characters, logos etc. associated with The Great Space Coaster and all 250 episodes of the shows video library.

6) When will The Great Space Coaster be released on DVD?

  • Tanslin Media doesn’t know when, if ever, The Great Space Coaster will be released on DVD. The problem is that the show used a lot of great music and animation that would need to be re-licensed.
  • This would be extremely expensive and a DVD release would probably cost more to make than it would ever earn. These same challenges with the rights prevent Tanslin Media from uploading episodes to the internet for public viewing at this time. However Tanslin Media is working on the problem.

More information about Tanslin Media efforts can be found at