The Huggles

The Huggles are tiny, furry creatures who take delight in exploring the unknown.

The Huggles innocence prompts the other characters to offer the youngest members guidance in the ways of the world. The vulnerable Huggles bring out the older characters nurturing sides while highlighting their personality differences.

Why? Is undoubtedly one of the most popular Huggles words, symbolizing their insatiable appetite for learning and the challenge their curiosity poses. That one word is so simple, yet proves so troublesome. “What’s snappening?” is another favourite phrase.

Even though they look like a family, The Huggles are individuals. Fluffly, the only girl is a light pink in colour and the fastest learner, Scruffy is golden yellow in colour who is mischievous and forgetful and lastly Puffy who is light blue in colour is the chubbiest of the Huggles and is constantly exclaiming “Feed Me”.