Baxter is a shy, sensitive, soft-spoken clown with the unique ability to make himself invisible. At one point he worked for M.T. Promises, because he had the best disappearing act in the business, but he ran away from the circus because M.T. was so mean to him. Sometimes Baxter disappears just for the fun of it and other times he disappears to escape a situation he can’t handle. Too many times he disappears to get away from M.T. Promises, who is always trying to capture him and force him to perform in his circus again.

Baxter is mechanically minded and enjoys tinkering with machines of every kind. He drives the Great Space Coaster and lives in the garage where he repairs the coaster.

Baxter has a little trouble expressing his feeling’s especially anger. Unlike Knock Knock and Goriddle, who thrive on constant social interaction, Baxter often likes to be alone. He comes up with best ideas for inventions when he’s by himself. In his more sociable moods, Baxter takes Roy, Fran and Danny for rides in the Great Space Coaster.