M.T. Promises

M.T. Promises is a mean, low down circus owner. His main goal in life is to capture Baxter and force him to perform in his circus again, because Baxter has the best disappearing act in the business.

M.T. has a full length mirror that talks back to him. The mirror serves as his conscience and frequently gets him so mad that he tires to smash the “Good For Nothing” mirror with a swift kick, but he hurts his foot and not the mirror.

M.T. loves money, the jingle-jangle of spare change is music to his ears. A miser and crook, M.T. is more than willing to cheat and swindle his way to wealth and riches. He’s always trying to sell somebody something either broken or useless.

Practical jokes tickle M.T.’s sinister funnybone and he finds a perverse delight in turning friends against each other. He often attempts to break up the Space Coasters by inflating the egos of the members.

M.T. is a bully and a con artist and ominous circus music plays whenever he enters or exits.