Roy, Fran & Danny

Roy, Fran & Danny are three teenagers from earth. Baxter picks them up every day in the Great Space Coaster and flies them to Coasterville where they visit their friends and rehearse their rock band The Space Coasters.

Fran is from a fishing village on the east coast. She’s confident, organized and its no surprise that she’s the leader of The Space Coasters. Fran is also very understanding and a good listener, so when her friends have a personal problem they come to her. She tires not to pass judgement, but instead she helps them find a way to work the problem out themselves.

Danny is from a small Midwestern town. He’s very out going and enthusiastic and he’s always eager to make new friends and is constantly trying to get his friends involved in physical activities. His favourite physical activity is baseball and if no one wants to play he is always ready and willing to make up a new game to play.

Roy is from the big city. He’s a poet and he knows it, he likes to rhyme all the time and puts his talent to good use by writing original songs for The Space Coasters. When Roy gets in one of his creative moods he won’t let anyone or anything disturb him until he’s finished composing his latest song. Roy likes to encourage his friends to exercise their creativity, but Roy’s favourite thing to do is to show his friends movies and cartoons on his pocket TV.