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Ben Olafson


Chief Piece Police (Green)

The Puzzle Place follows a multi-ethnic group of kids (puppets) from different parts of the United States who hang out at “the Puzzle Place”. In each episode the characters overcome problems that children\tweens commonly face, such as making moral decisions, body image, divorce, physical handicaps and racism.

The Puzzle Place ran from September 15, 1994 – December 4, 1998 on PBS stations and produced a total of 75 episodes. Wiki


D.J. Kat

D.J. Kat Show (FOX) (syndicated)

Once Upon A Tree (PBS) (Animal Planet)

  • Forrest

The Great Space Coaster (syndicated)

  • Baffel
  • Edison the Elephant (Seasons 4 & 5)
  • Gary Gnu
  • M.T. Promises