Gnews Update

The work continues on TheGreatSpaceCoaster.Tv with the adding and tweaking of content. The relaunch\rebuild has allowed me to review a lot of content that I had forgotten about or missed placed over the last almost 20 years. It has been amusing and embarrassing to look back at the different incarnations of the site since the original site launched in 1998, web design has come along way.

geocities1 geocities2

The Original Index and Main page circa 2001 of the Geocities site.

Welcome To TheGreatSpaceCoaster.TV

Welcome To The Gnew Home Of The Official Fan Website Dedicated To The Great Space Coaster.

The planned renaming of to TheGreatSpaceCoaster.Tv was moved up a few weeks a head of schedule due to events beyond my control. However I have been able to relaunch the site under its gnew domain name and will adding and tweaking content for the site in the coming weeks.